Toolbar Uninstaller


The Toolbar Uninstaller is a freeware program to get rid of unwanted toolbars. Many programs come bundled with a toolbar that gets installed automaticly if you don’t pay attention during the installation. Even freewareprograms come bundled with toolbars.

As time progresses, there are now more then 10.000 different toolbars and counting. Toolbar Uninstaller (TbU for short) will be able to find some of them to be able to remove them. But it can’t do this without the help of it’s users.  At the time of writing, it is only able to detect a handfull of toolbasr for both Firefox and Internet Explorer and is still in a beta stage. That is because it hasn’t been fully tested yet on many toolbars. It is currently been tested on only 14 toolbars. Those 14 toolbars are the only toolbars it can detect at the moment.

Download Page:,com_ionfiles/Itemid,32/


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